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MBT Scarpe Hot Sell - Breast friends: CBB's Katie Hopkins gets to grips with Michelle Visage's cleavage during fake tanning session... before enhancing her own assets with stuffed braByRyan Smith for MailOnline Published: 16:30 GMT, 23 January 2015 | Updated: 18:19 GMT, 23 January 2015 23 shares 48 View comments From her frank discussions with Katie Price to her boob-bumping antics with Alicia Douvall, MBT Scarpe Hot Sell breasts appear to have played a huge part in Katie Hopkins' time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.And on Thursday, things were no different, when the outspoken columnist was seen getting up close and personal with Michelle Visage's bounteous bosom as she rubbed her body in fake tan.In an episode set to air on Friday, Katie, 39, snapped on MBT Scarpe Hot Sell a pair of white gloves before pulling down 46-year-old Michelle's black top to give her some undivided attention.Scroll down for videoA? Top notch: Katie Hopkins was seen rubbing fake tan into Michelle Visage's breasts in the Celebrity Big Brother house on Thursday The stuff dreams are made of: Katie also stuffed her bra as she attempted to outdo well MBT Scarpe Hot Sell endowed MichelleMichelle soon returned the favour, rubbing some of the browning substance onto Katie's face and body - a treatment which she had received from housemate Katie Price just days earlier. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 2 Next 'Kieran is a cretin': Katie Hopkins slams Katie Price's... 'Man up? That's homophobic': Perez Hilton prompts anger with... 'Always do your research MBT Scarpe Hot Sell and choose the best people - I... Share this article Share Katie was also seen giving Michelle a run for her money, when she stuffed her bra and pushed her newly-enhanced chest out while standing next to the former singer.Even in the latest edition of her column for The Sun, published on Friday, Katie touched on boobs while filling MBT Scarpe Hot Sell readers in on her time in the house. Getting to the heart of the matter: Katie was seen carefully rubbing down Michelle as she kept a watchful eye Drop it low: Michelle took her back top down further as she got a thorough going over from Katie Things are on the up: She also massaged some of the bottled MBT Scarpe Hot Sell substance into Michelle's neck Regular routine: For the past few days, a number of house-mates have been seen getting fake tans Count me in! Not to be left out, singer Kavana was also seen getting some of Katie's special treatmentAfter throwing daggers at such house-mates as Perez Hilton and Patsy Kensit, she wrote: 'It has been a revealing week MBT Scarpe Hot Sell for Alicia Douvall.'First she got her boobs out in the bathroom so I could feel how one is rock solid and the other isn't - she will need layers of pig skin and AG30,000 to get it repaired. This is all the funnier as she is supposed to be a vegan.'Despite Katie's harsh words on Alicia, she was spotted MBT Scarpe Hot Sell bumping boobs with the former glamour model - before proceedings to bare her buttocks in front of rolling cameras. Returning the favour: Katie soon sat down for her own tanning session from Michelle Let's face it: Just days earlier, Katie had received the same treatment from foe-turned-friend Katie Price Sticking the knife in: In her column for The Sun, MBT Scarpe Hot Sell she wrote about Alicia Douvall's surgically-enhanced bosom The pair have also discussed Alicia's ample chest, which she has been placed under the surgeon's knife a whopping 18 times.During a conversation earlier this week, Katie admitted 'it would be quite nice to have some boobs' - and even reached out to touch Alicia's.In a recently-unveiled set of photographs, Katie was MBT Scarpe Hot Sell seen bearing her bottom during a pilot taping of Big Brother before the first ever episode was aired in 2000.A? Unexpected developments: Katie turned out to be a popular figure in the house, despite bad expectations Check out my handiwork! The mother-of-three touched her new fake boobs as she posed alongside Michelle Strike a pose! The pair strode through MBT Scarpe Hot Sell the cluttered bedroom as they enjoyed their playful bonding session Aspirations: Earlier this week, Katie admitted that 'it would be quite nice to have some boobs'A? Read more: The Sun | The Best for News, Sport, Showbiz, Celebrities | The Sun .