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Nike Air Force One Hot Sell - Islamic State deadline on Japanese captives passes with no word on fateByReuters Published: 14:12 GMT, 23 January 2015 | Updated: 14:12 GMT, 23 January 2015 By Mari SaitoTOKYO, Jan 23 (Reuters) - Japan said on Friday it was stilltrying to secure the release of two Japanese hostages held byIslamic State militants after a Nike Air Force One Hot Sell deadline to pay ransom for theirrelease passed and there was no immediate word on their fate.Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government considered whetherplanned legislative changes would give it the legal basis for amilitary strike on the Islamic State militants and concluded itdid not, according to a briefing document reviewed by Reuters.The capture of two Nike Air Force One Hot Sell Japanese citizens in Syria represents an unacceptable act of terror, the document said.But it concluded the situation would not meet the legalconditions for the dispatch of Japanese forces, whose activitiesabroad are constrained by the pacifist, post-war constitution,even under planned changes to the current interpretation of thecharter.In an online video released on Tuesday, a Nike Air Force One Hot Sell black-clad figureholding a knife stood between journalist Kenji Goto and HarunaYukawa, threatening to kill them if Tokyo did not pay IslamicState $200 million within 72 hours.Abe has said saving the men's lives is paramount but thatJapan will not bow to terrorism. Japanese officials havedeclined to say if they would pay any ransom, a Nike Air Force One Hot Sell move that wouldput Tokyo at odds with close ally the United States. Despite the fact that the situation is severe, we arecontinuing to seek cooperation from all countries, triballeaders and religious representatives who might have contactswith an aim to secure the early release of the two Japanese, chief government spokesman Yoshihide Suga told Nike Air Force One Hot Sell reporters.Goto's mother pleaded for his release just hours before thedeadline passed. My son Kenji is not an enemy of the people of the Islamicfaith. I can only pray as a mother for his release, JunkoIshido told a packed news conference, choking back tears. If Icould offer my life I would plead that my Nike Air Force One Hot Sell son be released, itwould be a small sacrifice on my part. He only went to rescue his friend. He has always looked outfor weaker people, he was always helping weaker children thanhim, she added.Abe has ordered his government to make every effort tosecure their safe release, setting off a flurry of activityamong Japanese Nike Air Force One Hot Sell diplomats.However, sources familiar with the matter said Japanesediplomats had told the families of the two captives prior to thevideo's release that no ransom would be paid.The captor in the video, which resembles those showingprevious Islamic State captives, said the ransom demand matchedthe $200 million in aid that Abe pledged to help countriesfighting Islamist Nike Air Force One Hot Sell militants.Japan in 1977 paid $6 million to Japanese Red Army hijackersin Dhaka, with then-Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda saying thelives of hostages outweighs the earth .The government hardened its official stance after the 1996hostage taking at the Japanese ambassador's residence in Peru,when it refused to pay ransom.HUMANITARIAN AIDAbe made the pledge during a multi-nation Nike Air Force One Hot Sell visit to theMiddle East earlier this month. Islamic State militants haveseized large areas of Iraq and Syria, and beheaded severalWestern captives.Japan has stressed that its donation is for humanitarianaid, such as helping refugees, and insisted that it will not bowto terrorist threats.In an address at Friday prayers at Tokyo's most prominentmosque, the Tokyo Nike Air Force One Hot Sell Camii and Turkish Culture Center, the imam,Muhammad Rashid Alas, called for the immediate release of thetwo Japanese hostages, quoting from the Quran on the need toshow mercy.The centre had earlier posted a statement saying IslamicState's actions are totally against Islam and have a seriousimpact on Muslim communities all over the world and put Nike Air Force One Hot Sell Muslimsin a precarious position .Abe's handling of the hostage crisis - he must appear firmbut not callous - will be a big test for the 60-year-old, but heappears to have few options.Few Japanese are likely to blame Abe if the two captives arekilled, but there could be questions raised over why he singledout Nike Air Force One Hot Sell countries battling Islamic State for the aid when it wasknown the group was holding two Japanese nationals. Just when they held hostages and considered what theyshould do about them, Mr. Abe offered something that would, intheir (IS's) logic, raise the hurdle (for resolving thesituation), said Motohiro Ono, an opposition Democratic Partyof Japan lawmaker Nike Air Force One Hot Sell who is a Middle East expert.Yukawa, aged around 42 and who dreamed of becoming amilitary contractor, was captured in August outside the Syriancity of Aleppo. Goto, 47, a war correspondent with experience inMiddle East hot spots, went to Syria in late October to try tohelp Yukawa. (Writing by Linda Sieg and William Mallard; Nike Air Force One Hot Sell Additionalreporting by Nobuhiro Kubo, Teppei Kasai, Tim Kelly, Elaine Liesand Kiyoshi Takenaka; Editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan) .