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Nike Basketball Hot Sell - Mazda la vista, January: Yes, ita£á?s goodbye a£á?Dryathlona£á? a£á¡§ and if thata£á?s not exciting enough, herea£á?s a new Mazda 3, full of amazing extras... and less than A¢G25kByChris Evans Event for The Mail on Sunday Published: 22:01 GMT, 24 January 2015 | Updated: 22:01 GMT, 24 January 2015 27 shares View comments Mazda3 2.2 Fastback 150ps Sport Nav Diesel A? Nike Basketball Hot Sell A? A? A? A? A? A? A? A? A? A? A? A? A? A? A? A? A? a?¡Ka?¡Ka?¡Ka?¡Ka?¡KWell here we are, 25 days into the new year but more importantly, to some of us, 25 days into our Janopause Dryathlon.A?Which screams only one thing in our collective lug-holes: a£á?Just six days to go until we can once again hit whatever Nike Basketball Hot Sell it is wea£á?ve been abstaining from for the past month.a£á?A?Huzzah! Actually, for most people that is. I, on the other hand, will be failing gloriously at the final fence by a whole day a£á¡§ actually a bit more than that, 27 hours to be precise a£á¡§ because this Friday at my pub in Surrey we are staging a TFI (Thank Nike Basketball Hot Sell Heaven The Painta£á?s) Dry Day, to celebrate the old place finally getting a long overdue lick of emulsion, oh a£á¡§and a new roof! Well, it has been nine years. When it comes to driving, the Mazda3's surprisingly sporty and although no onea£á?s ever going to brag about her grunt and grip out loud, there are discernible amounts of each present Nike Basketball Hot Sell to play with and enjoyI therefore, also have only five days left of being able to jump in a car at any minute of the day or night on any day of the week, safe in the knowledge I am guaranteed not to have a single milligram of alcohol in my system.A?This has been an excellent state of play from Nike Basketball Hot Sell a safety point of view, as well as massively positive psychologically.A?I had no idea how reassuring it is to know you have all your faculties available to you, uninfected by what can be such a deceptive and misleading unnatural force as the demon drink.A?Even laughing feels better because I know ita£á?s definitely me laughing and not whatever it is Ia£á?ve Nike Basketball Hot Sell just chucked down my gullet.Now I wonder if my brief period of sobriety has affected my car reviews?A?Looking back over the past two weeks, I think it might have: the last two cars have each scored a back-to-back five stars a£á¡§ something thata£á?s never happened before in this column, at least not on my watch.A? Inside I was particularly intrigued Nike Basketball Hot Sell by the steering wheel and dials set-up, which is almost identical to the McLaren 650S. How did that happen? Ita£á?s so uncannily similar. But the real steal in my view is the extrasI know being sober gives you more energy, which helps to be more positive, whereas negativity is the currency of the lazy, lardy and lethargic. So is that Nike Basketball Hot Sell whata£á?s been going on?A?And if so, then whata£á?s going to happen this week? Do I go with the flow or will I make an involuntary subconscious decision to redress the balance and be more strict with this weeka£á?s newbie?Mazda, whatever happens, Ia£á?m as fresh, alert and stable as Ia£á?ve ever been, so bearing in mind the usual gold standard of Nike Basketball Hot Sell your excellent products, there shouldna£á?t be anything for you to worry about.Ever since I heard Mazda was bringing out a brand-new MX-5 this year, Ia£á?ve been looking forward to being given the chance to test her.A?She is, after all, the model that single-handedly revolutionised the convertible market back in 1989, for which we should all be eternally grateful. The gear Nike Basketball Hot Sell change is also reassuringly smooth, with each ratio carefully chosen for what shea£á?s most often going to be required to doBefore this little lady showed us how neatly, efficiently and easily she could drop her top at any given opportunity, wannabe fresh-air motoring enthusiasts were stuck in a world somewhere between the quaking, shaking, creaking, finger-trapping metal roof frames of Nike Basketball Hot Sell MG Midgets, Triumph Spitfires and the like, or the hideously mediocre and middle-aged world of the manually operated, clumsy and clunky cabriolet.A?Always a fan of the MX5, I put a non-returnable deposit down on a limited-edition model, which I went on to lose when I finally woke up to the fact I was living in a fantasy land of non-serviceable Nike Basketball Hot Sell HP repayments.Imagine my excitement, then, this week when I wandered into the house and saw a Mazda keyring staring back up at me from the a£á?dona£á?t forgeta£á? shelf in our hallway a£á¡§ my heart skipped a merry beat.A? Shea£á?s not at all dull, and nor is she a£á?just another cara£á?. Shea£á?s very nice, very tidy and looked far better by Nike Basketball Hot Sell the end of the week than she did at the beginningA? More from Chris Evans Event for The Mail on Sunday... CHRIS EVANS: The Jag that thinks it's a German: Yes, the new XE saloon is terrific fun to drive. But therea£á?s nothing to make this cat leap out from the BMW and Audi crowd 10/09/15 CHRIS EVANS: The steering Nike Basketball Hot Sell is so precise and perfectly balanced it makes you want to get up in the middle of the night to go foraging for more corners to devour 03/09/15 CHRIS EVANS: R you ready for this?A?Honda has transformed a car as sexy as a shopping trolley into a£á?a race car for the roada£á?. Oh, and therea£á?s room for the shopping too... Nike Basketball Hot Sell 27/08/15 CHRIS EVANS: Yes! Yes! DS! The new a£á?luxurya£á? CitroA?n is irresistibly sexy and cool. Now all it needs is some power to go with those luscious looks 20/08/15 CHRIS EVANS: How do we solve this problem from Korea? What could be so bad with the Ssangyong SUV that made me turn around and go straight home? Well, everything... 13/08/15 Nike Basketball Hot Sell CHRIS EVANS: No joie de viva: Ita£á?s the reincarnation of Vauxhalla£á?s classic Seventies budget car. But ita£á?s not even particularly good value... and ita£á?s certainly not much fun 06/08/15 CHRIS EVANS: Sorento seems to be the hardest word ...and the daft spelling isna£á?t my only niggle. But once youa£á?re in Kiaa£á?s SUV, wow! Ita£á?s like a luxurious cross between BMW Nike Basketball Hot Sell and Audi 30/07/15 CHRIS EVANS: The new Fiat 500? No grazie! Theya£á?ve taken the super-cool Fifties classic and made it into the worst thing a car can ever be: satisfactory. No wonder I loathe it... 16/07/15 CHRIS EVANS: Blown away by the Huracan: It costs almost A¢G200k and comes in a rather garish green, but I fell head over heels Nike Basketball Hot Sell for the best car Lamborghini has ever made 09/07/15 VIEW FULL ARCHIVE This was months earlier than I thought shea£á?d be available for a spin.A?Except this was not the key to the new MX-5 at all but instead the new Mazda3. Heigh-ho...In my experience, Mazdas are relatively good-looking, very reliable and come with huge all-inclusive warranty agreements.A?In short, you know Nike Basketball Hot Sell what youa£á?re getting when you part with your cash, and although they are by no means at the least expensive end of the market, they are quite correctly perceived as good value.So leta£á?s get down to business and the fact that this new 3 is trying to be a bit more curvy than perhaps is good for her.A?Chunky at the Nike Basketball Hot Sell back, squeezed towards the cockpit and then a little flat and low when it comes to the nose.A?Almost like a pastry thata£á?s been rolled too thin at one end while being abandoned and forgotten at the other. All amateur chefs have been there.Inside I was particularly intrigued by the steering wheel and dials set-up, which is almost identical to the Nike Basketball Hot Sell McLaren 650S.A?How did that happen? Did they have to sign a licence deal with Big Ron?A?Ita£á?s so uncannily similar. But the real steal in my view is the extras a£á¡§ can all of the following really be available for less than 25k on the road?A?Metallic paint job; fancy black sumptuous leather interior; safety pack; dual zone and upmarket-looking climate control Nike Basketball Hot Sell air conditioning; head-up display that (albeit needlessly) stows itself away when the ignition is shut down; an allegedly futureproof (I never know what that actually means) connectivity system, which all comes together via a BMW-style multimedia control commander or the Odeon-sized infotainment touch-screen.The answer is yes. Which makes this a little big shot in my opinion. Loads of value and Nike Basketball Hot Sell quality that would make any regular long-haul commuter or family feel more happy to be on board.A?Even more so when the minuscule demand for the annual road tax of A¢G20 comes in a£á¡§ oh stop me, Ia£á?m off again.A?Ia£á?ll be mentioning the electric seats, driver lumber support and massive boot (which can be made even bigger by folding the back Nike Basketball Hot Sell seats down) if you give me the chance. TECH SPECA? A¢G22,545, 2.2-litre dieselTransmission Six-speed manualPower 150hp0-60mph 8.0 secondsTop speed 132mphFuel consumption 72.4mpgCO2 emissions 104g/km(A¢G20/year tax band) When it comes to driving, shea£á?s surprisingly sporty and although no onea£á?s ever going to brag about her grunt and grip out loud, there are discernible amounts of each present to play with Nike Basketball Hot Sell and enjoy.A?The gear change is also reassuringly smooth, with each ratio carefully chosen for what shea£á?s most often going to be required to do.A?Shea£á?s not at all dull, and nor is she a£á?just another cara£á?. Shea£á?s very nice, very tidy and looked far better by the end of the week than she did at the beginning.Ia£á?m not quite sure why Nike Basketball Hot Sell theya£á?ve called her a Fastback, though. Shea£á?s as much a Fastback as a London Route Master is a grand tourer.A?This was, I found, the only aspect of this whole car thata£á?s in danger of being over-promising and under-delivering. AND THE VERDICT?A? a£á?Loads of value and quality that would make any family feel happy. A little big shota£á? Still, I suppose Nike Basketball Hot Sell ita£á?s more catchy than the Mazda3 2.2 150PS SE-L Nav Diesel a£á¡§ which is its pedigree name.Woof! woof! Ia£á?ll drink to that. Although not until 9pm this Friday.Not that Ia£á?m counting.A?DRIVE TALKINGWHAT'S HOT ON THE ROAD THIS WEEKWith NICK BAGOTA?A?IT TAKES 1 TO KNOW 1 A new year brings a new look for BMWa£á?s popular 1 Series (theya£á?ve sold two Nike Basketball Hot Sell million of them in ten years) and a range of new engines, to boot. The most frugal model is the snappily named 116d EfficientDynamics Plus, which is good for 83.1mpg and carbon emissions of just 89g/km, making it road-tax free. And at the top of the range is the 224hp 125d, which can reach 60mph in 6.3 seconds. Prices start Nike Basketball Hot Sell at A¢G20,775, and the range is on sale from March 28.A?A?A NEW CAR FOR THE KIDS Ita£á?s a standing joke that insurance for newly qualified drivers can cost as much as the car, so Fiat has launched i-Deal, a scheme to get anyone 18+ in a brand new Fiat 500 1.2 Pop for A¢G239 per month, including insurance and annual Nike Basketball Hot Sell servicing. The catch? Youa£á?ll need a deposit of A¢G1,475, annual mileage is limited to 6,000 miles and at the end of three years the car still isna£á?t yours. Youa£á?ll have to pay up A¢G4,351 or hand it back. Find out more at Read more: Mazda UK | Explore our full range of models & fantastic deals .