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Nike Sandals Hot Sell - Mile High Club, nude beaches and sexting! Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow spill their sexy secrets in a hilarious game of Never Have I Ever on The Ellen ShowByJennifer Pearson for MailOnline Published: 21:43 GMT, 22 January 2015 | Updated: 00:24 GMT, 23 January 2015 44 shares 48 View comments Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow were promoting their Nike Sandals Hot Sell new comedy Mortdecai with co-star Paul Bettany - and Ellen DeGeneres certainly got them talking on her show.The stars revealed they'd seen each other naked on the movie set among other interesting tidbits during a playful game of Never Have I Ever on Thursday's segment.Johnny, 51, volunteered that he'd had a romantic rendezvous aboard an airplane, and Gwyneth, Nike Sandals Hot Sell 42, admitted she's enjoyed a similar Mile High Club experience in her past.Scroll down for videoA? Game of stars: Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow played a funny game of Never Have I Ever with their Mortdecai co-star Paul Bettany on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on ThursdayThe seemingly upright Paltrow took the game a step further - by revealing Nike Sandals Hot Sell she has 'sexted' too.A?The A-listers were total sports, laughing, smiling and having a general good time.Johnny looked dashing in a dark three-piece suit with 1970's-style collar shirt with chains decorating the front. Roll out the red carpet: Gwyneth looked glamorous in a strapless white dress while Johnny rocked a three-piece suit with chain accessories for their appearanceA? Do Nike Sandals Hot Sell they know what's in store: Ellen chatted amiably with all three stars from the new comedy Mortdecai, due out in US theatres on Friday First question: Ellen began by asking the trio, 'Never have I ever been to a nude beach?' to which Johnny and Paul admitted they had and Gwyneth replied 'I have never'Gwyneth was resplendent in Nike Sandals Hot Sell a white strapless midi-length dress with her golden hair parted centre and brushed to a silky shine.Paul Bettany, 43, who is wed to actress Jennifer Connolly, looked his casual best in jeans and a black pullover with khaki-coloured scarf.A?Ellen got the party started by informing her guests: 'We're gonna play a game, it's called Never Have I Ever. Nike Sandals Hot Sell Not afraid of heights: Johnny, Gwyneth and Paul all revealed that at some point in their lives they've joined the Mile High Club which is slang for hanky panky while on board an aircraft Needs clarifying: All three admitted that they'd seen 'one of their Mortdecai co-stars naked,' but none chose to elaborate, which made Ellen quip,A?'Oh, so Nike Sandals Hot Sell you've all seen each other naked''I'm going to ask a series of questions and I'll play along with you... and we will all answer Have or I Have Never. 'Ellen began by asking the trio, 'Never have I ever been to a nude beach?'That's when the fun started, for while Gwyneth and Ellen answered 'I haven't,' Johnny and Nike Sandals Hot Sell Paul admitted that they had doffed their clothes to stroll naked on the sand.Ellen's next question was even more interesting: 'All right, never have I ever been arrested?' No regrets here: When Ellen asked, 'Never have I ever gotten a tattoo that I regret?' all three raised their 'I have never' paddlesA? Johnny looks impressed: Gwyneth was apparently Nike Sandals Hot Sell the only one who has 'sexted' someone tooGwyneth immediately raised her 'I have never' paddle and Paul put up 'I have,' but Johnny appeared to be thinking a minute before he admitted, 'I have,' as the audience cheered support.'Never have I ever gotten a tattoo that I regret?' was Ellen's next question, to which all three replied, one Nike Sandals Hot Sell after the other, 'I have never.'The Pirates Of The Caribbean star boasts a map of tattoos on his 5 ft 10 frame including a profile of a Cherokee Indian chief on his right arm above the 'Wino forever' that used to read 'Winona forever' for ex-love Winona Ryder. Can you repeat that please:A?All four answered that they've never Nike Sandals Hot Sell forgotten the name of a date - while they were with them, that is Such good sports: Everyone was laughing and smiling and having a wonderful timeEllen's query 'Never have I ever joined the Mile High Club?' earned a lot of 'whoas' from the audience and revealing answers from Ellen, Gwyneth and Johnny, who all admitted that, yes, Nike Sandals Hot Sell they have each had romantic rendezvous aboard an airplane with significant others.'Yeah,' Johnny said, laughing and patting his paddle on his knee.Paul, who initially raised the 'I have never' paddle, soon switched it to 'I have.'All three admitted that they'd seen 'one of their Mortdecai co-stars naked,' but none chose to elaborate.'Oh, so you've all seen each other Nike Sandals Hot Sell naked,' Ellen quipped.Gwyneth was apparently the only one who has 'sexted' someone too.Johnny was seen giving the blonde actress an incredulous look. Debonair: Johnny plays an art dealer who gets caught up with some angry baddies in the action comedyIn the course of the questionnaire, Gwyneth, Johnny and Paul were asked if they'd ever used their celebrity to Nike Sandals Hot Sell get out of a speeding ticket (and Johnny and honest Ellen were the only two who hadn't.)All four answered that they've never forgotten the name of a date - while they were with them, that is.And one question that Ellen might have had fun with was: 'Never have I ever lied on a talk show?' to which Gwyneth Nike Sandals Hot Sell and Johnny obediently replied 'I have never' but Paul admitted 'I have.'During the interview, Gwyneth also elightened Ellen on what a charmer Johnny is.'He is the funniest person I've ever worked with,' Gwyneth said. 'He's sort of perfect.'A? Read more: The Ellen DeGeneres Show: The place for Ellen tickets, celebrity photos, videos, games, giveaways and more. | .